Superstructure extension 7th line ROTOMAN 24S

Mechanical and electrical extension of the folder superstructure of a ROTOMAN 24S (2-lane) by a 7th strand. Integration of web edge control, web break detection and a QuadTech cutting register control.

Ausbau 7. Strang


Extension of superstructure of a LITHOMAN IV

Extension of the folder device superstructure of a 48-page LITHOMAN IV, upright with an additional (fourth) turner deck and two plow folders. In addition retrofitted a second cross-fold delivery on the folder device.

The component presetting of the entire superstructure has been reprogrammed by us.


Second cross-fold delivery

An existing folder was equipped with an additional (second) cross-fold delivery. The special feature of this delivery is that no paddle-wheel is installed, but rather the printed products are ejected force-guided from the folder. Overlapping is formed at the transition to the downstream conveyor belt section.

Querfalzauslage ohne Schaufelrad


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